We would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land of which we made our business upon, the Anaiwan people and the tribes that surround; the Gumbaynggirr, Kamilaroi and Dunghatti tribes.

We are a family run business of 3 generations in Armidale NSW and have been making artwork for a few years and have recently produced a few products designed by local artist Larissa Ahoy, a founding member of Nunawanna Designs.

She enjoys painting artworks that are inspired by her surroundings and her cultural knowledge of the land.

Phyllis Ahoy is also a founding member and delegates the creative aspect of the business and assists in designing the products.

Sueling Ahoy is the last founding member and often assists in design work and marketing.

Black in White

This painting is my understanding of my father walking in both the black and white worlds, and having the understanding of cultural lores and the white mans ways with each world having its own components and differences. This is my understanding of how my father operates in both and working towards using both to have a greater understanding of life as a black man walking in a white world.

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This painting shows how family, community and culture are connected to a persons identity. This is my understanding of my father and his roles within each and how they are interconnected. The middle circle represents family, you can see everyone surrounded by each other. On the left, the circle represents community. On the right it represents cultural lore. Both the community and cultural lores are branching out but are kept within their own boundaries.

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Night Dreaming

This represents my father, mother, and grandfather camping at Salt water. At night you can see the beautiful sky filled with stars, and on special occasions, planets such as Mercury during a blood moon.

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Salt Water Ripples

This painting represents my father and our family fishing at Saltwater beach near Taree In Biripi country. We’ve been camping at the same place for decades, and my mothers ancestors have been camping there for over 60,000 years. It is a sacred place for me and my family. The blue side represents the water, and the white dots represents the waves. The coloured circles represents members of my family and the blue circle on the left represents the lagoon.

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Warriors Values

This painting represents my understanding of my father’s strengths, as he is a respected member of the community. The light blue dots represent family values, as he is a family man always taking care of his family and others. The teal dots represent community values, as he has worked his whole life for the betterment of the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community both locally and nationally. The green dots represent education as he spent 30+ years working as a mentor to students and fellow workers. The dark blue dots represent culture, as he has protested all around Australia for Aboriginal rights and continues to fight.

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